Working With A Mortgage Broker


    • Get Independent Advice On Your Financial Options 

As independent mortgage brokers and mortgage agents, we’re not tied to any one lender or range of products.  Our goal is to help you successfully finance your home or property.  We’ll start by getting to know you and your homeownership goals.  We’ll make a recommendation, drawing from available mortgage products that match your needs, and we will decide together on what’s right for you.

    • Save Time With One-Stop Shopping 

It could take weeks for you to organize appointments with competing mortgage lenders – and we know you’d probably rather spend your time house-hunting!  We work directly with dozens of lenders, and can quickly narrow down a list of those that suit you best.  It makes comparison-shopping fast, easy, and convenient.

    •  We Negotiate On Your Behalf 
    • Many people are uncertain or uncomfortable negotiating mortgage directly with their bank.

        • More Choice Means More Competitive Rates 

      We have access to a network of major lenders in Canada, so your options are extensive.  In addition to traditional lenders, we also know what’s being offered by credit unions, trust companies, and other sources.  And we can help you take care of other requirements before your closing date, such as sourcing mortgage default insurance if your down payment is less than 20% of the purchase price.

        • Ensure That You’re Getting The Best Rates And Terms 

      Even if you’ve already been pre-approved for a mortgage by your bank or another financial institution, you’re not obliged to stop shopping!  Let us investigate to see if there is an alternative to better suit your needs.

        • Get Access to Special Deals And Add-Ons 

      Many financial institutions would love to have you as a client, which is why they often offer incentives to attract creditworthy customers.  These can include retail points programs, discounts on appliances, shopping clubs, and more.  We do the math on which offer might be worth your attention when it comes to financing or mortgage insurance – or you get perks you deserve.

        • Things Move Quickly 

      Our job isn’t done until your mortgage closes.  We’ll help ensure your mortgage transaction take place on time and to your satisfaction.

        • Get Expert Advice 

      When it comes to mortgages, rates, and the housing market, we’ll speak to you in plain language.  We can explain the various mortgage terms and conditions so you can choose confidently.

        • No Cost To You 

      There’s absolutely no charge for our services on typical residential mortgage transactions.  How can we afford to do that?  Like many other professional services, such as insurance, mortgage brokers are generally paid a finder’s fee when we introduce trustworthy, dependable customers to a financial institution.  These fees are quite standard and nearly industry-wide so that the focus remains on you, the customer.

        • Ongoing Support And Consultation 

      Even once your mortgage is signed and paperwork is complete, we are here if you need any advice on closing details or even future referral needs.  We are happy to be of assistance when you need it


      Please see our video “Verico Mortgage Broker Can Help” for more information

      Building Your Team of Professionals

      “Make the entire process of finding a home much more comfortable by simply surrounding yourself with a team of experienced home-buying experts.  Each member of your team will know what you’re going through and can provide the answers and assistance you need.”


      Using a realtor in your search for a new home is just as important as a mortgage broker.  Everyone wants that perfect home with all the bells and whistles but at an unachievable price.  A good realtor will help you narrow down your options and find that perfect home within your budget.  Keep in mind that in most cases, you will not need to pay for your realtor’s services.  It usually comes from the seller of the home – so why not use a Realtor?  I have a great team of Realtors that are experts in the neighborhoods you want to live in, so please feel free to ask me for a recommendation.

      Lawyer or Notary

      Lawyers or notaries are also very important in the real estate transactions but it depends on your specific situation.  Notaries can process real estate transactions but cannot provide legal advice.  Lawyers process real estate transactions as well as provide legal advice but often at a higher cost.   I recommend speaking with both to determine which is best for you.  Please ask me for my recommended list of Lawyers and Notaries.

      Home Inspector

      A home inspector gives you piece of mind that your new home is in great condition.  They are experts that help find strength and weakness that can potentially save you a ton of money.  Please feel free to ask me for my recommended list of Home Inspectors.


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